Life is hard enough as it is right?

So when they threw a pandemic and a national lockdown our way.. things weren’t exactly going to get any easier were they?


The past few years have taught us so much about our country, our lifestyles, our outlook on life, what’s really important and even our ability to cope with a degree of loneliness that we never thought possible.

As a nation, without even realising, we fit into a line. Societies dictation of how we should behave, present ourselves and sometimes even feel.

And while understanding that it’s for the greater good.. where do we draw the line?


One thing I never thought would be dictated to me, was how I would be allowed to grieve. I, like many others, sadly had to say my last goodbyes to loved ones in a way that no amount of preparation could have gotten me ready for.

No one could prepare you for the sadness, the anger, the frustration and even degradation you feel when being forced to say your last goodbyes over a platform such as Zoom. And what’s worse is… the support, or should I say lack there of, for dealing with the emotions we have been forced to feel as a result. What is our outlet? Where do we direct our anger?


And the hardest part, is accepting that no matter where we direct our anger.. no one can bring them back. There are no do overs.. no second chance or next time round. Being told there’s simply nothing we can do.


Society will not tell us what we can and cannot do any longer.

Break away from the norm. Break away from the stereotypes. Break away from falling into a line and just be you!

Do the things that make you happy regardless of outside opinions.


If we can survive a global lockdown we can survive anything.


YOU can survive anything.

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