When your at your darkest hour, everything just looks black. You forget how you got there, forget what’s important, forget to love yourself and often even forget what feelings have lead you to that point in your life.

But somewhat most importantly, you forget how to get back. Back to having a clear mind that can help you journey your way out of the darkness and the ability to strategise your plan to help deal with whatever demons your facing.

It’s easy to fall so deep into the darkness that you can’t see the help and support that’s around you and the people who love you praying for your recovery just as hard as your trying to find it for yourself.

The easiest thing to feel in that moment is nothingness. And once you feel that nothingness, it becomes almost finite that there’s no way back.

But there is. I’ve been there. I’ve lived in that darkness and I’ve felt that nothingness. There are no magic words to get you out. No one particular thing that simply works for everyone.

But there is proof that it ends. Proof that the darkness will one day clear and a light will shine so brightly that you find your way out. And once you get out, you will realise that the light was you all along.

You are not nobody and you are not nothing. You deserve to be loved and you deserve happiness. You deserve peace from those demons and you deserve contentment. You deserve… to live. You are not nothing.

You were never nothing.


The Lola

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