Your journey may look different to everyone else’s because no one else walks your path. 


What you decided you wanted to do at one point in your life, may not turn out that way, may not be the life you have chosen for yourself a few years on. 


You may have your heart set on a particular Career, something so set that when life throws you a curve ball and you change your path, others can’t understand your reasoning. Can’t be happy for you or can’t help but give you their opinion. 


Pace yourself and live life the way you want to, don’t let someone else’s idea of success make you feel like you’ve made the wrong choices. 


Not everyone will understand the way you choose to do life but that’s okay. Your here to live your life which ever way you want. No one else needs to understand. 


Be patient and trust the journey. As long as you believe in yourself it shouldn’t matter to those around you. 

Those who truly support you will stick with you. 


The journey is yours. Always.

The Charlie

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