Empowered Women Empower The World.

Know a stong willed mumma? Or maybe a friend whos feeling a bit down and needs a pick me up reminder? Or even someone whos already in business and smashing it?

Or maybe any of those scenario's are you?

Either all, this would be the perfect statment gift to you or someone else!!


Screen Prinitng is a process that uses ink and heat to provide the maxim effect on your everlasting items.



The ink we use to create our prints is a waterbased ink, meaning it is vegan and enviromently friendly. 

Empowered Women Sweater

PriceFrom £20.00
  • Size: S M L XL XXL
    Chest: 34/36 38/40 42/44 46/48 50/52
  • Our printed items are made with "everlasting" In mind.

    Please take good care of your itmes and the enviroment by washing them on a low heat wash (30 degrees is reccomended)

    Your items should be good to also tumble dry on a low heat and iron over. 


    If you have any issues with any of your printed items then please pop us an email at contact@the-little-bear-family.com


    Unfortunetly, as every item is made to order, we do not accept returns or refunds unless there has a been an issue with the item and we are working with you to resolve the issue.

Important. Please note that our turnaround is 14 working days, this does not include bank holidays or weekends. In most cases our orders go out much quicker, but please do bare in mind that every order is made to order so may reach full turnaround time before being dispatched. Thank you, Karen - The Little Bear Family