About  Me


My names Karen and I’m the owner and founder of The Little Bear Family.


I set this business up in September 2018, after buying from lots of other insta shops and having so many designs in my head for my own clothing.

So, I brought all the equipment and took the plunge! 

I really wanted to do this job while fulfilling being a mummy to my 2 beautiful children, jack and Archie.

Soon I realised how much hard work goes in to running your own business.

But I persevered. At one point I was working 2 other jobs to help fund this one!

But in 2019 all my hard work paid off!

This is now my only job (of course I still help out at the glamping site, its family run, I’m not ever leaving ha-ha!) 

The Little bear Family has gone from strength to strength and is now this amazing little business that I am proud of and thankful for every single day!


Before opening The Little Bear Family, I was a chef, mainly a pastry chef. I have been since I was 16!

I loved baking all things yummy but unfortunately the hours aren’t very family friendly!

My partner is also a chef! And that’s how we met! Guess who does all the cooking in 

our house!

I live in Gloucestershire, always have done. My partner however moved to here from up north!

The boys are well, boys! Very energetic and always on the go! Though Archie does follow his mum a bit for a soft blanket in the warm with a film!

We also have 2 cats, Holly, known to the kids as Holly Pops and Socks AKA Socksy, to complete our little family.

I have a problem with shopping (don’t we all!) and love insta shopping for clothes/wax melts/anything homley! I love cheese, wine, gin and tea! 


And really that’s us! 

My little bear family!


I hope you enjoy shopping on my site. If you need any inspiration head over to our Instagram site to give you some ideas.

Any other questions just pop us an email


Thank you. 


The Little Bear Family